Every year, we hold food days when you can visit us and learn about extra virgin olive oil. The guided tour of the oil mill is accompanied by a tasting menu that varies seasonally.

Vegetable Day

Aceite Artajo always needs good products from the land and, during the Tudela Vegetable Festival, held every year in late April, there are guided tours to the plantation and oil mill.
In addition, to round off your day, we organise in our own Food Space, a tasting menu with vegetables from our own garden paired with the Artajo varieties.


Mushroom Days

During Mushroom Day, you will acquire an in-depth knowledge of how Artajo oil is made and conclude your tour with a spectacular menu prepared by the renowned mushroom expert, Alberto Arregui, in which all the dishes are made with different species of mushrooms. They take place every year in October.

Harvest Day

The harvest takes place in October and November and, at Artajo, this is the best time to open our doors to the public and disclose all the secrets of quality extra virgin olive oil production.

We therefore organise a complete day for foodies, with a guided tour to show you the whole process from harvest to the precious ‘olive juice’ that you can enjoy in our Hall in a winter vegetable menu, paired with the various Artajo varieties.

Truffle Day

Truffle days are held in February, when this delicious delicacy attains its highest splendour. In Artajo we take this moment to prepare a tasting menu designed by Alberto Arregui and based on the Tuber melanosporum (truffle), which impregnates extra virgin olive oil so well to transmit all its aromas. The Day includes a tour of the oil mill and a meal.


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