The personality of extra virgin olive oil comes from fruit quality and ripening, the olive variety and also in a large measure from the soil and local climate.

Soil characterisation

Finca Los Llanos is located on a middle terrace are in the Ebro valley. The soil is deep, developed on quaternary deposits, slightly stony and uniform. This is the perfect medium for rooting and water retention, as well as for infiltration and drainage.
The content of organic matter in the surface horizon is high, above average for the soils of the area. It is the consequence of proper management maintaining a ground cover and applying conservation tillage.
It is therefore a soil with perfect agronomic aptitude for growing olives.

suelo artajo


The estate has a complex climate, which limits olive production but contrasts are what give the oil a unique concentration of aromas. A characteristic trait of this part of Ribera de Navarra is the high levels of sun exposure, with more than 2600 hours of sunshine per year. It is also influenced by three different climates and all three can occur within the same week:
– Continental weather: Cold and dry, arriving from the Castile-Leon plateau passing the Moncayo, located 32 km in a straight line from the plantation.
– Atlantic Climate: Humid and mild, it comes from the north down the Ebro valley.
– Mediterranean climate with a cold winter: Extreme weather with very cold winters and very hot summers, coming up the Ebro Valley from the south-east.

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